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Ceremony of Agreement Signing and Plaque Unveiling of Rubber Processing Innovation Research Center held in APPRI

Author:Agricultural Products Processing Research Institut From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-15 Hits:
     On May 6, the signing ceremony of Rubber Processing Innovation Research Center, built by the Tropical Agriculture Products Processing Research Institute (APPRI) and Guangken Rubber Group Co., LTD(GRGCL), was held in TAPPRI. Mr. Li Shanglan, Chairman of CATAS’ Board of Directors, Mr. Lei YongJian, Chairman of GRG, Dr. Peng Zheng, Director of APPRI, and Mr. Yang Fuyun, General Manager of GRG, , and Peng Zheng, the director of APPRI jointly unveiled the plaque for the center, ensuing by signing the cooperation agreement on the construction of Rubber Processing Innovation Research Center. The cooperation agreement was signed by Dr. Peng Zheng director on half of APPRI and Mr. Yang Fuyun on behalf of GRGCL. Mr. Xu Yuange, Chairman of APPRI Board of Directors, presided over the signing ceremony.

      At the signing ceremony, Mr. Li Shanglan made a remark in which he believed that the cooperation between APPRI and GRGCL would promote the technology innovation and upgrading of natural rubber industry in China. He hoped that APPRI would give full play of technology capability and equipment availability for deepening and enlarging fields of cooperation with GRGCL, and ultimately enable the "innovation center" a world-class natural rubber science and technology innovation platform at the efforts between both sides.
Lei YongJian, in his remark, stressed the milestone implication of co-construction of the Innovation Center to Guangdong state farms. He was sure that the cooperation in the construction of the Innovation Center would lead the cooperation between CATAS  and Guangdong State Farms Bureau, to a new level although both sides had a very close cooperation relationship already. He hoped that the two parties further specify the cooperation agreement for practical implementation and prepare a good work plan for the next two years, and make contribution to industry transformation of Guangdong state farms.

     Peng Zheng reported the research and development of the natural rubber and tropical agricultural products processing, especially focusing on the recent progress of research and development of special engineering rubber and white carbon black  masterbatch. In addition, he clarified the orientation and task of the "innovation center".

     It is understood that the "innovation center" was positioned as the core technology support institutions of GRGCL. The center would mainly focus on natural rubber processing technology and equipment, new product research and development,  transformation of technical achievements, product quality testing and control, personnel training, etc. Its goal was to promote the upgrading of rubber processing technology of GRGCL, and improve the rubber product quality and economic efficiency through technology support. The main task of the innovation center includes: help solve technical problems in production process, and develop the Innovation Center into a R&D center of rubber end products with large market potentials, into a product testing center, and a rubber technology personnel training base.

     After the project report, the two cooperation sides also had a good discursion on cooperation in R&D of products. Presence at the ceremony were relevant officials  from Guangdong Provincial State Farms Group Co., LTD., Zhanjiang State Farms Group Company, GKG, and officers from CATAS, i.e., vice presidents Mr. Zhu Enlin and Dr. Xie Jianghui, representatives from the Rubber Research Institute, the South Subtropical Crops Research Institute, APPRI, CATAS Science and Technology Division, and Research Achievements Division.

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