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Cooperation Agreement Between CATAS and MC Signed

Author:Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechology From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-13 Hits:
     A cooperation agreement between TBBRI and the Institute of Genetic Engineering(IGN), University of Missouri-Columbia was signed on October 10th for developing the transformation system for tropical crops together.

     The arrangement was signed by Dr. Dai Haofu, acting director of TBBRI and Dr. Zhang Zhanyuan, director of IGN-UM. CATAS Vice President Professor Guo Anping, Professor Ma Zilong, Chairman of Board of Directors of TBBRI and Professor Liu Zhixin, Deputy Director of TBBRI, et al. attended the signing ceremony.

Upon signing the cooperation agreement

     This agreement commits both side to coordinate the development and operation of plant transformation platform. The cooperation organization will launch technical training, share transformation vectors, assess transgenic crops and guide the service platform et al. It is believed that the platform will play a significant role in developing the transformation system for important tropical crops.

     Upon signing the agreement, Dr. Zhang Zhanyuan made an academic presentation on “Plant Transformation Platform: How has MU Plant Transformation Core Facility Been Run”, which detail the experiences of the Institute of Genetic Engineering in MU on the operation management, including the central function, organizational structure, service business and other aspects.

Dr. Zhang’s presentation underway

     Dr. Zhang, director from Institute of Genetic Engineering in MU, is an internationally renowned expert on plant transgenic technique. According to his report, in the last few years, his research group had achieved remarkable success in many transgenic plants (e.g., maize, soybean, wheat and green bristlegrass etc.), and had published their findings in the Nature Genetics, PNAS and many other leading academic publications.
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