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Agricultural Product Processing Research Institute

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        1. Overview

The Agricultural Product Processing Research Institute (APPRI), Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, was founded in 1964, and is the only national scientific and technological research institute engaging in research and developments on the processing technology and applied basic research for tropical agricultural products, mainly natural rubber (NR). APPRI possesses 10 national, ministerial or provincial research and development platforms, and 125 staff.


        Research in APPRI embraces NR processing and application, organic macro -molecule materials, food processingand quality and safety of agricultural products. Over the years, about 170 achievements have been made in APPRI with 50 awards at national and ministerial or provincial levels including 2 China National Scientific and Technology Progress awards, which had greatly contributed to the development of tropical agricultural products processing in China.


         2. Contact Information

           Research Office:Tel: +86-759-2271105

                       Fax: +86-759-2208758


           Address: 48 Renmindadaonan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, 524001, P. R. China


         3. Research Areas

 Research in APPRI embraces NR processing and application, organic macro -molecule materials, food processing, and quality and safety of agricultural products.


 NR processing and application: New processing technology and equipment of NR preservation, coagulation, drying, and treatment of waste water and gases, with the eye on the demands of society and industry development. During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, the institute concentrates on the third generation technology of the natural rubber processing (low-carbon processing).


Organic macromolecule materials: New methods and technology of NR molecular modification, nano-reinforcement and blends for high performance NR materials and homogeneous nano -technology and application for tropical crops fiber.


Food processing: Tropical crop products’ preservation and storage, rough machining, deep processing, basic theory of product quality control and its application. In this respect emphasis is placed on preservation and storage of tropical fruits and vegetables, the processing of tropical fruits and vegetables, tropical oil crops, tropical spices products,  tropical medicinal plants, and the related basic theories of their applications.


       Quality and safety of agricultural products: New detection technology and quality control, and risk assessment of agricultural products are part of the mission of the institute. Agricultural products’ quality and safety monitoring tasks from national and local government authorities are regular activities of the institute every year. Testing on certificating products, environment supervision, third-party notarization data to the society, and standard preparation or revising are also undertaken.


4. Achievements

Since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, APPRI has undertaken more than 100 key projects, such as projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key Basic Research Program, the Special Fund for the Industrial Technology System Construction of Modern Agriculture, Agro-research Projects in Public Interest, projects of Agricultural Technology Transfer Programme, the Introduction of Foreign Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology Program, and so on. The Institute was Honoured twice by the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, by forty granted patents, sixty-three proposals or emendations of national and ministerial standards, by publishing of over 300 academic papers of which more than 100 papers were recruited by SCI, EI and ISTP. APPRI has made significant contribution to the progress of tropical agricultural products processing in China.


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