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International Visits

Secretary Cui Pengwei Led a Delegation to the High level Meeting on the 10th Anniversary of China—United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) South South Cooperation

Author:CATAS From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2019-12-01 Hits:

From November 25 to 30, 2019, Cui Pengwei, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences(CATAS), led a delegation to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, to participate in the high-level meeting on the tenth anniversary of China—United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) South South Cooperation, and at the invitation of the Seychelles National Bureau of Biosafety, went to Seychelles to carry out China Seychelles tropical agricultural science and technology cooperation and exchange. Vice president Liu Guodao and relevant comrades from the Executive office, the international Cooperation Division and the Coconut Research Institute of CATAS accompanied the delegation.

At the high level meeting marking the 10th anniversary of South South cooperation in Uganda, Abebe, assistant director general of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), fully affirmed the technical support and talent training provided by the CATAS as the "FAO tropical agricultural research and training reference center" for South South cooperation since 2014, reaffirmed the CATAS as the FAO reference center, and issued a certificate of certification to Secretary Cui Pengwei. Secretary Cui Pengwei was invited to deliver a speech at the closing ceremony. He pointed out that as an important practice unit of South South cooperation, CATAS, with the support of the Chinese government and international organizations, has actively carried out more than 100 sessions of tropical agricultural technology training over the years, trained more than 4000 students from 99 countries, and provided Chinese wisdom and solutions for the green development of agriculture in the world's hot regions. He stressed that in the next step, CATAS  will continue to play an important role in national strategic science and technology, carry out innovative cooperation and research and development of key technologies in the fields of innovation and utilization of tropical crop germplasm resources, green prevention and control of tropical crop diseases and pests, and intensive processing of tropical agricultural products, making new and greater contributions to the sustainable development of tropical agriculture in the world. The conference set up a special discussion session of "the voice of scientific research institutions and reference centers". Vice president Liu Guodao participated in the discussion, shared the work done by the tropical agricultural science and technology of the CATAS in promoting poverty and hunger reduction in tropical countries in the world and the future work ideas, and accepted the interview of FAO related media.

Secretary Cui Pengwei delivered a speech at the closing ceremony

In Seychelles, Secretary Cui Pengwei and his delegation met with Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Guo Wei and were cordially received by Seychelles Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Charles Bastian. Ambassador Guo Wei pointed out that Seychelles is friendly to China and the two sides have strong willingness to cooperate. She hoped that the visiting delegation of the Chinese Academy of thermal sciences would fully connect with the government of Seychelles and its scientific research institutions, and study and propose fields and models of win-win cooperation in agriculture. Minister Charles Bastian said that Seychelles hopes to fully learn from the experience of China's tropical agricultural development, rapidly improve the level of agricultural development in Seychelles, achieve sustainable agricultural development, and reduce dependence on import of important agricultural products. He stressed that he looked forward to further deepening consensus with the Chinese Academy of Thermal Sciences on strengthening scientific and technological cooperation in tropical agriculture and carrying out all-round cooperation in various fields. Subsequently, the delegation visited the National Biosafety Bureau and the National Agriculture Bureau of the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of Seychelles, and investigated the local tropical crop resources.

Meeting with Guo Wei, Chinese Ambassador to Seychelles

Discussion and exchange with Charles Bastian, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture of Seychelles

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