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International Visits

Sri Lanka Coconut Expert Visits CRI for Academic Exchanges

Author:Coconut Research Institute From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-20 Hits:
     On 12th September 2016, in order to further promote bilateral cooperation with the Sri Lanka Coconut Institute, CRI of CATAS invited Dr. Lalith Perera of the Sri Lanka Coconut Institute to Hainan for academic exchange and cooperation discussions.

     On official meeting at the meeting room of CRI, the two sides reached a consensus on the common concern of the coconut industry in the development process of scientific research cooperation, personnel exchange, joint training and other matters. After the meeting, Dr. Lalith Perera visited the coconut germplasm resources, scientific research and testing base, and coconut processing plant, and made constructive comments of the development of Hainan coconut industry.

     Sri Lanka is the bridgehead country of China's " Belt and Road " initiative. Coconut industry is the pillar economic sector of Sri Lanka, the National Coconut Institute of Sri Lanka (NCISL) has a history of nearly 100 years, with strong research team and coconut knowledge accumulation. Dr. Lalith Perera is the first expert from CRISL to visit China, and there will be more coconut experts from the same institute to visit China in the future for technical guidance and exchanges.
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