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International Visits

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Yu Xinrong Visits Guangzhou Experimental Station

Author:GuangZhou Experimental Station From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-20 Hits:
     During 5-6 February 2017, His Excellency Deputy Minister of Agriculture Yu Xinrong came to Guangdong Province for conducting a field investigation on the Agricultural Genome Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Guangzhou Experimental Station of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. Meanwhile, His Excellency Yu Xinrong also convened a symposium for discussing the way of intensifying agricultural R&D innovation driving to guide modern agriculture development more quickly. His Excellency Yu stressed that in the efforts of restructuring the supply-side of agriculture the core role of agricultural R&D innovation should be taken seriously. Therefore, improvement in encouraging mechanism of agricultural R&D innovation should be made to inspired the enthusiasm of agricultural scientists and technicians. In addition, R&D innovation should be more focalized and the pace of research achievements transfer be faster. The implication of R&D innovation as the critical supporter in optimization of agricultural industry, agricultural production system and agricultural management system should be emphasized for leading the development of a modern agricultural industry. All attendants expressed their consensus and determinations to work hard toward this end.
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