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International Visits

Experts from the University of Florida developed academic exchanges in Environment and Plant Protection Institute

Author:Environment and Plant Protection Institute From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-14 Hits:
     Prof. Peter Stoffella and Prof. Zhenli He from the University of Florida visited EPPRI and gave academic presentations during 20-26, October, 2016. Prof. Zhenli He gave two presentations, titled on “Writing a scientific paper for international journals” and “Heavy metal contamination of soils: sources, indicators and assessment”. He pointed out the common issues and countermeasures in the process of English thesis writing, as well as the points for attention in the process of submission and reply to reviewers in his first presentation.

     Prof. Peter Stoffella also gave a presentation titled on "Compost Utilization in Horticultural Cropping Systems", introducing the source of solid wastes in US. He also showed the research findings of his team in solid waste composting and its application in horticultural crop production.

     After the presentations, researchers from Agricultural Environment Lab under EPPRI and two US professors took a discussion about the prominent problems affecting the sustainable development of agricultural development in the tropics. They reached a preliminary agreement on research cooperation about non-point source pollution control, heavy metal restriction and new fertilization techniques development.
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