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TBBRI Kicks off Cooperation with Commercial Company in Developing Sugarcane Special Fertilizer and Biological Preparations

Author:Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechology From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-08 Hits:
   Prof. Haofu Dai, Deputy Director of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology Research Institute (TBBRI) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the chairman of Hebei Hao Yang Chemical Group Co. Ltd. in December 16th in research and development, production and promotion of seed stem soaking agent and pesticides of sugarcane, some other biological preparation and special fertilizer for sugarcane.

   Attended at the signing ceremony were Professor Zilong Ma, Chairman of Board of Directors, Bingqiang Xu, Director of Science and Technology Division, Shiwen Chen, Director of Achievement Transformation Department, Benpeng Yang Director of Sugarcane Research Center and related research staff.

Sign the cooperation agreement

     Under the agreement, the two sides will cooperate  in four areas for a period of 8 years. The first is the development and application of seed stem soaking agent, pesticides (granule, water agent) of sugarcane and other special biological agents for the prevention and control of sugarcane diseases, insect pests and weeds. The second is the development and application of special fertilizer for sugarcane. TBBRI will research and develop, produce and promote special fertilizer for sugarcane (granules controlled-release fertilizer, different formulations of water-soluble fertilizer) according the nutrient requirements of sugarcane at different developmental stages. The third is that TBBRI will build the demonstration base for the optimum application of water, fertilizer, pesticides on sugarcane. The last one is that TBBRI will provide full integrated services for the integrated application of water, fertilizer, pesticides on sugarcane.

    The cooperation agreement is based on the advantages of both sides. The Sugarcane Center of TBBRI has devoted their efforts  in sugarcane technological innovation and development in the last 20 years. Therefore they have accumulated rich experiences and possessed a number of marketable applied innovations and technologies in the field of nutrition and water management, improved cultivar multiplication and integrated prevention and control of diseases, insect pests and weeds in sugarcane fields. Hebei Hao Yang Chemical Group Co. Ltd. has an advantage in the development, production and processing, promotion and application, network of promotion and production services of sugarcane pest prevention and control pesticides. This cooperation agreement would give full play to the respective advantages of both sides, promote the precision application of water, fertilizer and pesticides on sugarcane, and make contributions to sugarcane industrial transformation and upgrading in China.
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