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Technology of Integrated Prevention and Control of Banana Fusarium Wilt

Author:South Subtropical Crops Research Institute From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-15 Hits:
     The study on comprehensive prevention and control of banana Fusarium wilt was started in 2010 according to the following technological model: isolation the contaminate plantation→ decrease Fusarium oxysporum→supplement antagonistic bacteria→Optimum water and fertilizer management. With the utilization of this procedure, the disease incidence rate was checked under 15%, 20% lower than the untreated plantation. From 2013 onwards, the integrated control model was carried out as the combination of application of soil disinfectant, use of high quality resistant seedlings, organic fertilizer and antagonistic bacteria fermentation broth. The effects of this control technology on soil microflora was also assessed through the field track and analysis. The decrease and inhibition of banana Fusarium wilt was achieved through  the utilization of this technology, thus supporting the sustainable development of banana industry.

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