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Testing Technology Laboratory

Author:Analysis Test Center From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-20 Hits:
     The Testing Technology Laboratory engaged in research of agricultural product quantity safety, and studies and explores new methods for detecting nutrition facts in tropical fruits, HPLC-ICP-MS method for element speciation analysis. The Laboratory also focuses on analyses of metal nanoparticles materials and metalloprotein through ICP-MS method. The Laboratory will vigorously develop the rapid detection technology for detecting the joint toxicity of typical organic matter in tropical fruits and vegetables, and develop the high-flux pesticides and veterinary drugs screening process, and study its preparation techniques and detection methods. At the same time, the Laboratory trying to find out the microbial diversity on the surface of tropical fruits and vegetables, and its contamination caused by foodborne pathogens, which will require further studies the situations of planting system pollution by pesticide residue and the key technologies for pollution control in tropical crop. 
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