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Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of Tropical Agricultural Products Quality and Safety

Author:Analysis Test Center From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2017-09-20 Hits:
     Scientific and technological innovation team of tropical agricultural products quality and safety was established in early 2017, which is affiliated with the Analysis and Test Center of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. The team works on the study of tropical agricultural products quality, and tries long-term monitoring the high risk factors in the agricultural products and producing environment. Based on the research orientation, the off-season vegetable production, tropical fruit, tropical aquatic products, tropical livestock and poultry and tropical agriculture producing area environment were chosen for the study. By collecting the monitoring data of high risk factors in the above research objects, analysis and evaluation were carried out on internal connection and development about the high risk factors. At last by using the data, the residue levels were tested and the safety of the agricultural products and producing environment was evaluated. The team expects that these data and evaluation methodology could provide scientific basis for correct evaluation of tropical agricultural products quality and safety and in turn offer services to the control and improvement of the tropical agricultural products quality. 
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