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Spice and Beverage Crops Research Institute

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       1. Overview
     Founded in 1957, Spice and Beverage Crops Research Institute (SBCRI), Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences (CATAS), is the only one national research institute engaged in R&D in tropical spice and beverage crops to meet the national demand on the tropical specials and to improve people’s livelihood, especially those growers of the crops.

     SBCRI, although as good as its name, taking care for various tropical spice and beverage crops, emphasizes on pepper(Piper nigrum), coffee, vanilla, cacao, cola, Kuding tea  (Ilex laticifolia Thunb), and germander ( Teucrim manghuzense), the latter is for the preparation of  glutinous rice fragrant tea (Nuomixiang Cha). Within SBCRI, some special platforms have been established to enable the institute to fulfill its mandates, e.g., National Center of Important Tropical Crops Engineering and Technology Research Base, Hainan Provincial Engineering Research Center for Tropical Spice and Beverage Crops, Hainan “Technological Services 110” Spice and Beverage Crops Service Station, and a National 4A-Level Tourism Attraction —Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden.

     SBCRI is located in Xinglong Hot Springs Tourism Attraction Spot, southeast of Hainan, covering an area of 42 hectares. It has 114 permanent staff, among them 60 are scientists. Since its establishment, more than 80 project achievements were obtained; more than 600 scientific papers and 50 manographs have been published; more than 80 kinds of products have been developed; more than 30 invention patents have been granted. By applying the model of “research institute plus farmer household” and “research institute plus enterprises and farmer household” in technology dissemination, more than 30 demonstration bases have been established, and remarkable economic and social benefits were achieved. SBCRI has provided necessary technical support for sustained and sound development of the tropical spice and beverage crops industry in China.

     After years of research and exploration, the integrated development model of “scientific research, product development and technology demonstration” has been set up. SBCRI is endeavoring to be an innovation center of tropical spice and beverage crops, agricultural product processing base of tropical spice and beverage crops, demonstration base of tropical ecological agriculture, and transformation window of tropical agriculture scientific and technological achievements, making due contribution to not only Chinese tropical spice and beverage crops industry development, but to that of other parts of the world as well.
      2. Contact Information
      Research Office: Tel: + 86-898-62553687  
                                 Fax: + 86-898-62561083  
      Address: Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, Wanning, Hainan, 571533, P. R. China

     3. Research Areas
    SBCRI is an institute devoted to research on tropical spice and beverage crops with emphasis on pepper, vanilla, cacao, cola, Kuding tea, and germander. The mission of the Institute is:
    a. Collection, conservation, identification and utilization of germplasm resources
    b. Breeding for high yielding, high quality and resistant varieties
    c. High efficiency cultivation techniques development  
    d. Integrated management of insect, pests and diseases
    e. Post-harvest technologies and product development
f. Tropical agro-tourism development and science popularization

    4. Main Achievements
Since the establishment of SBCRI, more than 80 achievements were obtained, of which 35 have been entitled for national, ministerial and provincial scientific award; more than 600 papers and 50 monographs have been published; more than 80 kinds of products have been developed; 30 invention patents have been granted.

Vanilla continuous washing and fermentation machine                  Artificial shade net for vanilla 

     Awarded Achievements
    35 national, ministerial and provincial scientific awards have been received, among them there are 3 National Prizes for Science and Technology Progress, 8 Ministry of Agriculture Prizes for Science and Technology Progress.
     Scientific Products
     Making use of its science and technology, SBCRI has developed 80 kinds of products featured by tropical and local character STIRIc, such as series products of vanilla tea, pepper, coffee and cocoa, etc. which received high favour from customers, Xingke Coffee and Vanilla Green Tea have gained the title of Famous Brand Products of Hainan Province in 2005, 2006 and 2011. “Xingke” trademark has been awarded as Fomous Brands of Hainan Province in 2011.
     Serving “Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers”
    Since 1996, in order to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, to raise the farmers’ scientific and cultural level, scientists of SBCRI have been sent to participate into activities like voluntary consultation, training, poverty alleviation, etc. It is recorded that more than 30,000 technicians and farmers have been trained. Manual about high-yielding cultivation, insect pests and diseases prevention and control, control measures for chilling injury of Black Pepper, Vanilla, Cacao and Coffee have been printed and disseminated. Educational films regarding the same content have also been shot and provided to
rural technicians and farmers.         
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