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Analysis and Testing Center

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     1. Overview
    The Analysis and Testing Center (ATC) of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences was established in 1984, which is an agricultural research institute administered by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. Its major responsibilities include carrying out scientific innovation, analysis and testing as well as scientific services in terms of the quality and safety of tropical agricultural products. It has 62 technical professionals, of whom 15 are senior scientists, and 9 are Ph.D holders,. The laboratories of ATC are equipped with modern precise analytical instrumentations, e.g. LC/MS/MS, GC/MS/MS, AAS, ICP-MS, 
UPLC, etc.

                                                      LC-MS/MS                                                  ICP-MS
      ATC undertakes researches in the following fields: Risk assessment of tropical agro-products, standards for tropical agriculture, good agricultural practices and analytical technology, etc.

     With continuous improvement and complies with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005, ATC provides technical support to Chinese government in monitoring the quality and safety of agro-products.

     The goal of ATC is to become a world-class research institute, which will server as the scientific innovative center for quality and safety of tropical agro-products in China and is the key technical provider of quality and safety supervision and inspection of tropical agro-products for Chinese government.

       2. Contact Information
       Research Office Tel (Fax): +86-898-66892283
      Address: No. 4 Xueyuan Rd, Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan, 571101, P. R. China
      3. Research Areas 
    For food safety, ATC devotes itself to improve the quality and safety of tropical agro-products through developing key technologies and solving the crucial problems affecting quality and safety. The research areas include analytical technology of tropical agro-products, safety evaluation of pesticides in the tropics, good agricultural practices, risk assessment technology, policies and regulations concerning the quality and safety of tropical agro-products.

      ATC is an official institute of notification comment on TBT/SPS in China. It also undertakes the national monitoring projects and risk assessment programs for quality and safety of agro-products, carries out international cooperation, and offer training to technical professionals.

      4. Main Achievements
     Over the last decade, ATC has established 6 scientific research platforms and undertaken more than 30 projects including 8 state projects. More than 300 papers and 4 monographs have been published. ATC participated in formulation of over 80 national and agricultural industry standards, 52 of them have already been accepted and issued. It has obtained 8 provincial awards and 32 patents granted, among which 2 are invention patents, i.e. the fast measurement of dry rubber content in latex by thermal radiation techniques, a method to reduce the cadmium content in Sauropus androgynus plant. 

 Instrument for dry rubber content measurement      Fertilizer for reducing the cadmium content in vegetable 

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