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Coconut Research Institute

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      1. Overview
    Coconut Research Institute (CRI), Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences, founded in 1980, devotes to do researches on tropical oil-bearing crops and palmaceous plants including coconut, oil palm, and oil-tea camellia in China.
CRI has 141 staff, including 19 senior scientists and 12 academic advisors to postgraduates. With the tropical oil crops as the main research thrust, CRI is focusing on the innovative utilization of germplasm resources, cultivation technologies for high yielding and high benefits, prevention and control technologies for major pests and diseases, comprehensive utilization of products, biotechnology research and other basic and applied basic research. CRI has undertaken key technology integration, demonstration and promotion of major tropical oil crop industry. Based on CRI, 9 scientific and technology platforms have been established, such as Scientific Observing and Experimental Station of Tropical Oil Plants, Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China. CRI has won more than 30 prizes which included the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Scientific and Technological Achievements. For serving the development needs of “agriculture, farmers and rural areas”, CRI provides various technological services to farmers through disseminating popular science, giving reading materials and scientific and technological advice free of charge, and scientists and technicians’ going to the field. CRI has been extending the high-yielding and high-benefit cultivation technology for palmaceous plants such as coconut and areca nut, pests and diseases control technologies, superior varieties and comprehensive product processing technologies for tropical area, and solving the problems in production encountered by the farmers. CRI has provided a strong scientific and technological support to the tropical oil science and technology and the sustainable industrial development in China.

      2. Contact Information
       Researcher Office: Tel: +86-898-63330684
                                      Fax: +86-898-63330673
       Address: Wenqing Road 496, Wenchang, Hainan, 571339, P. R.China
       3. Research Areas
      CRI has undertaken applied basic and applied researches and major key technologies research of tropical palmaceous plants and woody oil plants. The research areas are:
     Carrying out coconut oil, oil palm, oil-tea camellia and areca nut germplasm introduction and trial planting of elite varieties, preservation and utilization of germplasm resources, cultivation technologies development for high yielding and high benefits, three-dimensional agriculture, development and application of special fertilizer,transformation of low-yielding plantations.
   Tropical oil crops germplasm resources
             collection and evaluation                                     
Tropical oil crops prevention and   control warning system
     Developing integrated prevention and control technologies for major pests and diseases, introduction of natural enemies and its application, performing research on integration and application of key technologies including pest epidemic and damage, warning and monitoring, outbreak prevention or minimization, and so on.

     Developing tropical oil crops comprehensive products processing technology including coconut, areca nut, studying the active substances extraction, activity assessment and functional product development, the fruit preservation and processing characterSTIRIcs after postharvest, the key technology of oil processing and comprehensive utilization of by-products of oil processing, the key technology of risk analysis, traceability and rapid detection of tropical agricultural products in circulation, etc.   
      Carrying out research on the molecular mechanism of cold-response and adaptation, fatty acid synthesis and metabolism regulation mechanism of oil palm and coconut, development
of molecular markers and functional gene and trait analysis of desirable traits for tropical oil crops; important agronomic trait QTL association analysis and positioning.

       4. Main Achievements
     After 30 years’ efforts, CRI has developed into a stronger research institution. CRI has undertaken more than 200 various research projects at national, ministerial or provincial levels and international level, and it has obtained more than 30 scientific research achievements, including 30 national, ministerial and provincial achievement award, published more than 500 papers and 11 monographs , has been authorized 39 patents. CRI has imported and cultivated 7 new varieties of coconut, of which 4 new varieties of coconut have been certified. Most of the research achievements are widely used in the field of tropical oil crops. CRI has made great contrib
ution to the development of tropical oil crops industries in China.

Tropical oil crops processing products
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