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Haikou Experimental Station (Banana and Plantain Research Institute)

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     1. Overview
     Haikou Experimental Station of CATAS has been reconstructed as a research agricultural institution since December 2002. Its aim is to carry out technical experiments on planting and promote the development of agriculture. Its activity scope covers demonstration, popularization and application of new varieties of banana/plantain and tropical agricultural technology, as well as the training and services for farmers.

     Haikou Experimental Station has been planned to develop as Banana and Plantain Research Institute since 2008 with the intension of solving the key scientific problems during the developing of banana industry while achieving the target of independent creativity, integrated innovation and re-creation on the base of introduction, digestion and absorption. The overall objective of the institute under development is to lead, support and serve the development of banana industry in China. Currently, there are 72 employees at the Station, including 18 senior scientists, 18 PhD degree holders and 25 master degree holders.

     By gearing its efforts to agriculture, farmer and rural area, the institute carries out various sci-tech popularization services. Firstly, with the aid of the office platform related with agriculture, farmer and rural area, many important events have been well planned and sponsored by the institute including Hainan Monthly Campaign of Science and Technology, Action Plan to Help Farmers in Six Towns and Cities of Middle Hainan for increasing their income and enhancing their capability against abrupt natural disasters. Secondly, the Station provides technical advices and standardized cultivation technology demonstration and training for banana planting.

     2. Contact Information
       Research Office Tel: +86-898-66705612
                                 Fax: +86-898-66526658
       Address: 2,Yilongxi Rd., Longhua District, Haikou, Hainan, 570102, P. R. China
       3. Research Areas
      Taking tropical fruit (banana and plantain) as the main research object, Haikou Experimental Station focuses on the key scientific problems which exist in the fruit field, engaged in tropical fruit genetics and breeding, tillage and cultivation, plant diseases and insect pest prevention and control technology research and postharvest technology.
The Station has been applying tissue culture technique in the production of quality planting materials of banana to ensure uniform growth and yield as well as disinfected conditions. In fact tissue culture plantlets account for 90% of China’s banana growing area.

      It has established an excellent management mode for water and fertilizer coupling and has formed system of resource utilization, which improves the yield and fruit quality of banana efficiently; standardization cultivation techniques have already been explored and integrated. A field nitrogen deposition gathering station, an automatic meteorological observing station and field ecological observing station are coming into use.

      The station researches on the pathogenesis of banana Fusarium wilt, the development of disease-resistant varieties, the development, demonstration and extension of green pests and diseases-controlling techniques, the identification and utilization of tropical Bacillus strains and actinomycetes, as well as the obstacles of continuous cropping in banana plantations and its mechanisms.

      Besides, the mechanisms of banana COL gene control on fruit ripening and caducity and regulatory effect of RING gene which on banana chilling injury after harvest have been clarified. Steam degumming technology, nano fiber preparation technology, fruits browned control and new fruit products development have been tried successively.

      4. Main achievements
     One hundred and thirty-four academic papers have been published, 15 patents have been applied and 5 of them have been authorized. Haikou Experimental Station has bred two new varieties of banana with fusarium wilt resistance. One piece of ministerial standard related banana production was formulated. It has carried out Banana B genome sequencing. The physiology, biology and functional genomics research system of banana have been established from the aspect of fruit ripening.

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