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CATAS Won the Special Prize of Hainan Natural Science Award

Author:No From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2021-05-07 Hits:

The achievement of "Study on Cyperaceae Resources in Hainan and Its Taxonomic Revision" led by Dr. Liu Guoduo of CATAS won the only one Special Prize of Hainan Natural Science Award in September 2020. The authors conducted a comprehensive and systematic study on Cyperaceae in Hainan Province for 22 years. The distribution of Cyperaceae in Hainan is divided into five types for the first time; new members of Cyperaceae are added; the first graphic retrieval tool monograph of Records of Hainan Cyperaceae is published to complete the systematic retrieval and revision of Hainan Cyperaceae. They also carried out feeding and medicinal research and published Hainan Cyperaceae Feeding Flora and Hainan Cyperaceae Medicinal Plants, which laid a solid foundation for the development and utilization of Cyperaceae.

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