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Tropical Agricultural Machinery Research Institute has successfully developed and put into use the first small-scale manure and biogas slurry deep applicator in China

Author:Tropical Agricultural Machinery Research Institute From:Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences Date:2022-07-24 Hits:

Recently, the small-scale manure and biogas slurry deep application and returning machine jointly developed by the sugarcane mechanization team of the Tropical Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and the dry farming new material team of the South Asia Institute was successfully tested in Zhanjiang City and delivered to Zhanjiang Zhengda Group for use.

In order to make better use of the manure and biogas slurry of livestock and poultry wastes in the breeding farm and avoid the pollution to the farmland environment caused by direct discharge, the R & D team, after more than one year of collaborative research, innovatively designed key components such as deep plow, quick hitch device, liquid extraction system, liquid drainage device and suspension transmission, and finally developed a manure and biogas slurry deep application and return machine suitable for small plots in the South after many tests, optimization and improvements, Combined with the agricultural machinery information monitoring system, it can remotely and real-time monitor the depth of scarification of machines and tools, the area of returning farmland and other information, so as to realize the information monitoring operation of returning farmland. After long-term precipitation and fermentation treatment, livestock and poultry manure can be buried and returned to the field, which can achieve "safe return to the field, turn manure into treasure" and effectively improve the soil.

The machine integrates furrow ploughing, returning fecal sewage and biogas liquid to the field and covering soil. At the same time of ploughing, returning fecal sewage and biogas liquid to the field can achieve deep burial of fecal sewage and biogas liquid, rapid liquid extraction, uniform liquid discharge and high work efficiency. The tank capacity can be 5M3, 6m3, 8m3, etc. according to the tractor power matching, forming a series, which is suitable for matching 100-210 wheeled tractors. The production efficiency is ≥ 5 mu / h, the depth of fertilization and ploughing is ≥ 30cm, the length of the whole machine is short, the turning is flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for the operation requirements of small plots in the South and the deep application of manure and biogas slurry by crops, which can effectively improve the soil. It also deeply scarifies and ploughs the field, which reduces the cost of returning the field.

The successful development of this machine provides a better way for the safe and efficient utilization of livestock manure and biogas slurry, implements the new mode of "returning manure to the field and green planting and breeding cycle", and helps to open up the "last mile" of planting and breeding combined with circular agriculture.

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